Anthony Krikhaar – ‘Cornfield by a Stream’

This item will be auctioned for the Koning Willem Fonds, a charity that assists Dutch people in the UK who are in need. The KWF deals with legal problems, housing difficulties, medical requirements or family problems. Often a modest sum can make the difference in opening doors and revealing solutions and sometimes, at the very least, even a phone call, a Christmas card or flowers enable KWF to brighten up a lonely life.


To benefit the work of the Koning Willem Fonds Tony Krikhaar has for the sixth time in a row donated a splendid work of art for auction. In doing so, he treads in the footsteps of the illustrious Pre- Raphaelite Dutch painter, Sir Lawrence Alma Tadema R.A. who living in London in the late 19th Century, donated the sale proceeds of his work to the Koning Willem Fund on several occasions. Alma Tadema and Krikhaar – in their respective era’s – not only share a great generosity of spirit by raising funds for the same good cause but also converge in their love of vibrant colours, particularly azure and yellow. However, where Alma Tadema indulged in painstaking detail to lend energy to his paintings, Krikhaar achieves the same effect by his bold brush strokes which on closer scrutiny turn out to be applied with infinite care and accuracy. His newly developed technique of creating depth by the super-imposition of perspex on board lends a magical third dimension to this appealing landscape of corn growing by a stream. ‘Cornfield by a Stream’ is a real Krikhaar bearing his unmistakable imprint yet it presents a fresh interpretation of his vision of the English countryside on a dreamy summer afternoon.


KWF foto 1

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